Hey There Sunshine!

When it comes to capturing stunning photos, lighting is everything. As a Ventura-based photographer specializing in maternity, family, and senior portraits, I can't stress enough the magic of scheduling your session around the golden hour.

Golden hour is that perfect window of luscious golden light just before sunset. Here’s why waiting for that beautiful sunset light is absolutely worth it, even if it means keeping your little ones up a bit later in the summer!

mom snuggling daughter during her maternity photoshoot in Ojai field, by Ventura maternity photographer
woman laying in sand dunes during beach maternity photoshoot in Oxnard Shores, by Thousand Oaks maternity photographer
mother holding her belly during Oxnard Shores beach maternity photoshoot, by Santa Barbara maternity photographer
Have you ever noticed how everything seems to glow with a warm, golden hue right before the sun sets?

That's the golden hour, and it’s pure magic for photos.

The light is softer and more flattering, casting a beautiful, warm glow that enhances your natural beauty. Harsh midday sun can create unflattering shadows and make everyone squint, but the golden hour bathes everything in a gentle, diffused light.

This magical time of day isn’t just about pretty light—it creates a calm and relaxed atmosphere, too. The setting sun naturally brings a sense of peace, helping everyone feel more at ease. This is crucial for getting those natural, candid shots where everyone looks genuinely happy and relaxed. It’s like the world is winding down, and we’re capturing that serene, beautiful moment.

mother holding belly during her beach maternity photoshoot in Ventura, by Santa Barbara maternity photographer
couple walking along sand dunes maternity photoshoot in Zachari Dunes, by Ventura maternity photographer
woman standing on rocks by water during beach maternity photoshoot in Carpinteria, by Malibu maternity photographer

I know what you’re thinking:

"But in summer, sunset is so late!"

Trust me, I get it. It might mean adjusting bedtimes or dinner plans, but it’s worth it. Those extra 30 minutes can turn a good photo into an extraordinary one. When you see the photos, you’ll understand why we waited. The way the light wraps around you, creating that dreamy glow—it’s pure magic. And let's be honest, who doesn't love a late summer night every once in a while?

Consistency is another reason to aim for golden hour. When all your photos are taken in this beautiful light, it gives your photo gallery a cohesive look. Every picture has that same warm, inviting feel, making your collection even more stunning and professional-looking.

So, the next time you’re planning a photo session, remember that timing is everything. Embrace the golden hour, and let the setting sun work its magic. You’ll end up with photos that are not just beautiful but truly magical. And that’s something you’ll cherish forever.


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