My Top "Dos and Don’ts" for Your Family Photo Session

Planning a family photo session can be a bit like herding cats, but with a little preparation, it can be a fun and memorable experience! Here are some extra dos and don’ts to help you get the most out of your session.

DO: Arrive on Time

We only have a short window of time with the golden sunset so it's really important that you arrive on time or a little early if you need to finish getting ready for your session.

DON'T: Rush

Give yourself plenty of time to get ready and arrive. Rushing leads to stress, and stress leads to, well, not-so-happy faces. That's definitely not the way you want to walk into your session.

mother snuggling baby in open grassy field during motherhood photoshoot by Ventura family and maternity photographer

DO: Coordinate Outfits

Choose outfits (and shoes!) that complement each other and do not match. Soft, neutral tones or coordinating colors can look cohesive without being overwhelming. Think about the setting and season when selecting your outfits.

DON'T: Wait to Plan Outfits

Please do not wait to gather outfits together the days before your session. Otherwise you run the risk of items out of stock or not arriving in time, items fitting poorly and most importantly - stressing you out. I am always here to guide you on styling and please lean on me for that.

mother snuggling baby in sand dunes during motherhood photoshoot by Ventura family and maternity photographer

DO: Embrace the Unexpected

Some of the most memorable photos come from unexpected moments. Whether it's a sudden burst of squeals or laughter or a tender hug, these candid shots often become family favorites. I promise if you smile through it all, you will LOVE your photos.

DON'T: Arrive Hungry

PLEASE do not show up on an empty stomach or with hungry kids. No one is going to have fun if all they can think about is their growling stomach. Mess free snacks like Cheerios is ok to have if a little one really needs a quick snack.

Santa Barbara mommy and me flower photoshoot by Ventura family and maternity photographer

DO: Communicate with Your Photographer

Share your vision and any specific ideas or concerns with me beforehand. This helps ensure that we're all on the same page and can work together to create your perfect session.

DON'T: Stress About How You Look

I know, easier said than done right? My job is to make you feel comfortable and pose you throughout your session to look your best. If you are stressed, it will absolutely show in your face and photos. Forget your self criticisms and let me capture all your right bst angles.

woman standing in grassy field during Thousand Oaks maternity photoshoot by Ventura maternity photographer
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