Cloudy with a Chance of Gorgeous Photos

I know that my photo sessions are usually filled with images drenched in golden California sunsets... BUT today we are flipping the script on my typical photoshoot. As we wave a BIG goodbye to an especially dark and rainy winter, we will begrudgingly welcome the arrival of marine layer season in Southern California.

The marine layer is like that one friend who always shows up uninvited and stays way too long. Just when you think you've planned the perfect sunny beach photoshoot, this thick blanket of coastal fog rolls in just before your session. Fear not, I want to share with you all the reasons that I love overcast days (almost) as much as sunny days.

As a San Diego family and maternity photographer who's seen her fair share of golden sunsets and cloudy days, let me tell you, there's something utterly enchanting about those fluffy clouds covering the sky like a cozy blanket. Get ready to embrace the beauty of cloudy days, as we reveal why they're secretly a photographer's best-kept secret!

  • Soft and Even Lighting: Overcast skies act as a giant diffuser, softening the sunlight and creating beautifully even lighting across your subjects. Say goodbye to harsh shadows and hello to naturally flattering portraits!

  • Vibrant Colors Pop: Believe it or not, colors appear more vibrant and saturated on overcast days. The soft light enhances the richness of hues, making every detail in your photos come to life.

  • Reduced Glare and Squinting: No more squinting or awkwardly angled faces! The diffused light on overcast days minimizes glare, ensuring everyone in the frame looks comfortable and at ease.

  • No Harsh Shadows: Harsh shadows can be a photographer's nightmare, but not on overcast days! The soft, diffused light eliminates harsh shadows, resulting in beautifully balanced and natural-looking photos.

  • Perfect for Outdoor Locations: Overcast days provide the ideal conditions for shooting in outdoor locations. Whether it's a beach session or a golden grassy field, cloudy skies offer a blank canvas for creativity.

  • Greater Flexibility in Timing: Unlike shooting during golden hour, overcast days give you the flexibility to schedule sessions throughout the day without worrying about harsh sunlight. It's like having golden hour all day long!

  • Embrace Moody Atmosphere: Cloudy skies add a touch of drama and moodiness to your photos, creating a unique atmosphere that's perfect for storytelling.

  • Highlight Textures and Patterns: Overcast days are perfect for highlighting textures and patterns in your surroundings, adding depth and visual interest to your photos.
  • Perfect for Family Portraits: Overcast days provide a comfortable environment for families to relax and enjoy their photo session without the distraction of harsh sunlight or extreme temperatures.

  • Less Crowded Locations: Overcast days tend to deter crowds, making it easier to find secluded spots and capture intimate moments without distractions.

  • Flexibility in Backdrops: The lack of harsh sunlight makes it easier to shoot in various directions without dealing with extreme contrast, harsh shadows, or squinting.

  • Enhance Skin Tones: Overcast light is incredibly flattering for skin tones, reducing the appearance of blemishes and creating a soft, natural glow that enhances the beauty of your subjects.

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